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Mar 17

How to Guide: Moving In And Buying A Home With Your Partner

by Matthew Ikin
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How to Guide: Moving In And Buying A Home With Your Partner

Moving in with your partner can be an exciting time in your life. However, you’ll soon realise it’s not as simple as moving your worldly possessions from one house to another. Ranging from finding your ideal home, sorting through who keeps what furniture and getting the finances right are all aspects of moving in with one another. Get these items right from the beginning and take out the stress from the buying experience.

Combining two of everything

Combining two of everything into one home can be more of a nightmare than you think, especially if you are confident you are keeping all of your possessions and not your partners. The best way to make the move as smooth as possible is to compromise! Firstly start by each making a list of ten or so items that you cannot be without – these are mainly the essential items for your new home. From there outline a list of what each of you owns including furniture, décor and even cutlery, etc.– there is nothing worse than spending money having 2 of something moved just to realise you are now stuck with both. In deciding what furniture to choose from, think long term: i.e. what will last the longest and is more comfortable – sometimes you’ll have to agree to let some items go, no matter how sentimental they might be! Don’t be too enthusiastic when disposing of furniture; you may end up with an empty house if you go overboard. The Connect team recommends measuring your large furniture before going to an open house to see where everything will fit.

Getting the right home

Buying a property can be overwhelming, and without guidance and support, you may feel confused about where to start. Finding the right home comes down to many factors, such as location, lifestyle preferences and the potential for long-term capital gains. Every home purchase will have emotional elements although letting these emotions overpower your decision could mean that you do not get the best long term benefits from an investment perspective. Check out our article that includes a home buying checklist which outlines the most important factors to consider when looking for a home (add link).

Getting the right loan

You have spent the time finding the right home; now it is time to find the right home loan. Most life decisions don’t come much bigger than this. Finding the perfect home loan with the right features and rate could save you thousands each year. At Pioneer Credit Connect, we compare over 30 lenders to find the home loan perfect for your particular situation. 

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