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Mar 17

Choosing The Right Business Loan

by Matthew Ikin
Choosing the right business loan (1)

From time to time, a business might require a boost in capital, whether it’s to expand your business, purchase new equipment or more stock or simply to have access to capital for a short term. Choosing the right business loan can be difficult with so many different options to choose from. Knowing what to look for in a loan can take the guess work out of it.

There are plenty of different types of business finance options but before diving in and applying, it is important to understand your requirements first. Ask yourself, what do we require the additional funds for? Aligning the type of finance to the purpose of borrowing is key.

The consequences of choosing the wrong financial product could cost your business in both time and money. Avoiding these consequences in the long run can be done through identifying what purpose the loan will serve for your operation and the cost of obtaining the finance over the long term. By calculating the amount owing and the repayments, you will be able to visualise how the benefits of the new investment could outweigh the financed amount. Jumping into a business loan without carefully considering the costs may make the problem worse, rather than solving it.

Part of choosing the right business loan is the features the loan provides. It’s not all about the finance and it is important to understand the loan contract upfront to know what features and conditions you are eligible for.

At Pioneer Credit Connect we have focused on providing a business loan product that works for customers, allowing you more time to get on with running your business. Some of the features we can provide to our customers include:

  • Same-day access to funds

  • Flexible loan terms

  • No requirement to use your home as security

Let one of the friendly Pioneer Credit Connect team members get to know you and your business and see how we can help you grow your business through a business loan. Give us a call today on 1300 015 133 or enquire for a Pioneer Credit business loan today.

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