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Aug 17

7 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

by Matthew Ikin
Achieving Your Goals

For those with the desire to succeed, goal setting is an essential part of life. In most cases, goals are easy to set, yet the hard part comes when it is time to achieve them.

Goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and then establishing measurable goals and time frames to complete it.

We sat down with Pioneer’s Talent and Capability Manager and former Australian Team Coach, Trudi Nurse, to find out what goal setting tips she has put into action. Do you have a major objective that you want to achieve? Yes, then here are the tips to start goal setting!

Visualise your goal

Write it down somewhere you will see it every day, or if it is a material object, put up a picture of it. Being able to visualise your goal every day keeps it front of mind which will help you to stay focussed and on track to achieving it.

Use family and friends

Tell people that are important to you about your goal; such as friends and family so they can help you stick to it! Using your friends and family as support on your journey will create a network of people that will help you remain focussed. They will love being a part of it – call this ‘your personal success team’.

Break the goal into manageable parts 

Breaking down your major goal into smaller parts can form milestones for you to achieve. It breaks down a seemingly difficult major goal into smaller achievable chunks so that you can easily keep sight of it and stay motivated. Starting with small, measurable goals will help you to have some quick wins in the often long journey towards achieving the more meaty medium goals. As time goes on, these medium goals build towards more substantial goals, making the finish line closer.

Plan your first action and set achievement time frames, but always ensure you are being realistic.

Setting a timeframe ensures that you are being proactive towards achieving what you want. Without time frames you can easily lose focus and let a lot of time go by where you don’t work towards your goal. Make sure the timeframe is realistic and achievable as you want to set yourself up for success.

Get started and share your progress with your friends and family regularly.

Take the leap, get started and give it all you have to achieve the first goal you have set for yourself. Once achieved, regroup and focus on the next step and time frame, by now you are getting closer to what you want.

Keep going… don’t stop, you are so close now.

Time to show your true colours and keep going, if you need to; call on your friends and family to help you through the last stages then don’t hesitate and definitely don’t give up!

Celebrate; you have achieved your goal!