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Jan 18

How does your credit score compare to the average Australian?

by Matthew Ikin
Credit Scores in Australia 5

It might be a little-known fact for Australians, but in America, they go crazy over their credit score. Americans talk about, compare and try to increase their score wherever possible, using their score as a symbol of financial freedom. We’ve even heard stories of people putting their credit score on resumés for a new job. They live and breath for it. Frankly, we think they’re onto something and want you to do the same.

Your credit score is an easy-to-read representation of your financial health, with credit enquiries, defaults, and debts all rolled into a number out of 1000. Seeing as it’s so easy to understand and obtain, there is no reason why you shouldn’t know what yours is. Picture applying for a Home or Personal Loan with the confidence of knowing if you will be approved or not; just one benefit of knowing your credit score.

Seeing as the topic of conversation at your Sunday BBQ probably doesn’t revolve around credit scores as much as it does “Did you see what Kim Kardashian did now!?”, how are you supposed to know how you compare to the rest of Australia? Well then, here you go.

For the past year, we’ve given customers their credit score for free, and as you can imagine, it’s gone off with a bang. With plenty of happy customers using CreditPlace to get their score and work towards improving it, we think it’s time you see how you shape-up compared to the rest of Straya.

Credit Scores in Australia (6)

Now you’ve seen how the rest of Australia has performed, why not find out where you stand? It’s fast, free and easy, plus has no impact to your credit file.

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The Breakdown:

Avergage Score in Australia: 652

State by State

    1. 665: Western Australia
    2. 662: Victoria
    3. 652: South Australia
    4. 651: New South Wales
    5. 639: Tasmania
    6. 637: Queensland
    7. 636: Australian Capital Territory
    8. 635: Northern Territory

As the story goes, “the bigger, the better”, with Western Australia coming in with the highest average credit score in Australia. Despite Melbournians expensive obsession with great coffee, smashed avo and top knots, their fashionable taste doesn’t seem to negatively affect their credit score, with the trendy city coming in at second! No longer King of The North, the Northern Territory ranked with the lowest average credit score a whole 30 points behind WA.

Top 5 Suburbs

    1. 786: Ocean Grove, VIC
    2. 785: Newcastle, NSW
    3. 783: Forster, NSW
    4. 782: Myaree, WA
    5. 780: Bronte, NSW

The peninsula of Ocean Grove is quite literally poking its head out and into the record books in regards to their credit scores. Is it the large number of tourists or the fresh ocean air (hippies!) helping them get such a good score? We’ll let you be the judge.

Men vs. Women

    1. 656: Men
    2. 647: Women

Being one of the oldest rivalries in history, the battle between men and women doesn’t fail to disappoint when it comes to competing for the top spot on the credit score ladder. Although men have the upper hand this time, there is only a couple of points in it before the ladies make their way to the top. Watch this space!

Credit scores are calculated out of 1000. The scores provided in this blog and infographic are for general and informational use only and do not reflect your actual credit score. All figures are calculated using average credit score of customers who used CreditPlace in the last 12 months. To find out your credit score, click the button below.

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